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Welcome to the blog.
Posted 6/21/2016 6:07pm by Betty Jean Conner.


Admission $8 per person - 23 months and under free.

Pay at the farm MUST RSVP to in order to be admitted.


Come on out and have some good ole country fun while learning about the goings on at the farm! Each family attending will be put on a list to have one free pass to visit the farm in the fall!

Visit and feed the cows and calves on the wagon ride, And while on the ride a stop to visit our sweet Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs....

Later at the back of the barn pet the bunnies and love on the lambs and Little Miss (our miniature horse) 

Take a ride on the cow and horse train for a special surprise!

Have fun on the playground and in the water sprinklers

Ever wanted to learn about aquaponics.....Stop by the aquaponics green house sponsored by and visit

Our kitchen will be open for lunch. And be sure to stop by the Snack Shack for a snow cone to benefit our farm animals.

We can't wait to see you.....and are excited to have you visit.

Posted 5/11/2016 8:24pm by Betty Jean Conner.

Well, Let me tell you all what has been going on with me for the past few months.

I just can't believe my people ever thought I needed training and manners!

Why, the very thought of it is quite insulting!

My person "CC" is supposed to be herd boss!  Why, the very thought of someone bossing me around is just more than Little Miss can handle!

Well anyway, they have me backing up, turning, coming to them upon asking without hesitation.

Even had me posing with my leg over one of the barrels.  Do they really think I can jump that thing?

Isn't that just the silliest thing you have ever heard?


 Well, at least I tried.... Actually, think I look rather darling!  And the pink halter and rope compliment my coloring.

Now I need a spa day to have my hooves, mane and tail done.  After all...... there has to be some reward for all this.....Not just a mere treat.  Although they are my favorite apple flavor.  

I think this trainer needs to go back to her farm.  After just cannot improve on perfection!  

Well, I did give in, just so CC would think she has mastered the art of telling me what to do and me (he he...) letting her feel like she is the boss.

Well, off to bed....After all "Tomorrow is another day"........

Kiss, Kiss....

Posted 3/1/2016 3:45pm by Betty Jean Conner.

My Granddaddy and Uncle Addison always had an awesome garden....

When I asked them about it, both of them said they followed the signs of the moon and the farmers almanac.

I wish I had been able to learn more from them before they were gone.  But as a young girl and then a young mother I just took for granted they would be around a lot longer.

 Later in my life I remembered the things I learned from them when it came to our family garden.  So last week according to the farmers almanac, one of the days good to plant ground crops was Saturday, Feb. 27th.  A few days before the 27th, my daughter and oldest granddaughter cut the potatoes (making sure there was at least one eye on each cut piece) and let them harden over before planting.  

Planting day is always fun and Saturday was not exception.  We planted later in the day because two birthday parties were planned here at the farm earlier in the day.

Of course I brought my camera and took a few photos to preserve this memory of our planting day.    Our next day to plant is March 7th and 8th.  On those days it says to plant above the ground crops.  

I thank God He has allowed us to be here for our children and grand children to pass along what we have learned, so that they may pass it to the next generation.



Posted 9/28/2015 9:17am by Betty Jean Conner.


Hey Y'all,

This week we had nine baby guineas babies born.  They are so tiny and cute!  

But not as cute as me of course!

We had so much rain here at the farm,  I have my own island now.  

I'm most certainly going to need a pedicure after all this mud.  

My farm hands have been bailing hay for me and my friends to eat this winter and we are very excited to see you guys when we open!

Our pumpkins will be here tomorrow.  They are coming from the Navaho Indian Reservation in New Mexico.  When you purchase a pumpkin from us a portion of the proceeds goes back to them.  I really love giving back!

Well gotta go..... I hear my beautician calling!  A southern girl always wants look her best for company.

Happy Fall Y'all,

Little Miss

Sunset on the Farm

 I begged Mrs. Betty Jean to let me offer these tickets on my blog.....

Psst.....wanted to get more followers for my blog

Discounted Tickets $10 

Posted 9/5/2015 7:08pm by Betty Jean Conner.

Little Miss

Howdy Everybody!

My name is Little Miss and I live on the farm,

(Conner's A-Maize-Ing Acres).

Me and my animal friends are very excited to welcome y'all back!

Autumn is our favorite time of year!  

Our farm hands have been working hard

to get the farm ready.

The corn is growing , the sunflowers are blooming and the pumpkins are on their way.

You can find me at the animal barn over by the horse rides when you visit.

I have nominated myself to keep you all informed of the latest barnyard news!  

Until next week  Little Miss Priss!

Oh, by the way…..Don't forget to follow me on 



Posted 4/9/2014 5:50pm by Betty Jean Conner.

Win "4 SEASON PASSES" to Conner's A-Maize-Ing Acres…………….. GO TO……….. AND VOTE, then post a comment here that you voted and your name will go into a drawing for "4 SEASON PASSES" to our farm. Hurry, get your vote in by Saturday 12am. Drawing to be held Monday, April 14th.

Vote for Project #20305 Sustainable Micro-farm


Nancy Vaughn Lovelace via Conner's Amazing Acres

 To all my wonderful FB friends and family, please vote for Glodev Inc on the site and GloDev Inc can win $10,000 to help with feeding the global poor. There are projects waiting on funding in Burma, Philippines and Israel. The more votes we get, the greater chances we have of winning, PLUS all of the great publicity for what God is doing with GloDev. If you are in Jacksonville, vote and post to Conner's Amazing Acres to get into a drawing for 4 season passes to the farm! Share this link with all your friends. Let's try to get 100,000 votes for GloDev Inc.

Posted 8/18/2013 4:46pm by Betty Jean Conner.

As the fall draws near, so does our pumpkin delivery.

Which means pumpkin pies, cookies, cheesecakes and more things pumpkin.

Many of you have asked how to make pumpkin pies from fresh pumpkin.

So we have a link with information that should answer that question.


Let us know your results. 

We are looking for new pumpkin recipes to bake at our Sweet Shop and General Store for this fall.

Send us the recipe of your favorite pumpkin dessert, and if selected, you will win a free family pass to the farm/maze this year.

Posted 7/28/2013 5:45pm by Betty Jean Conner.

Hi Everyone,

Well, there is exciting news here!  We have decided to choose another spot to plant the corn maze this year.

We have had so..... much rain lately that the old one is still under water.  

The new spot we picked is across the creek up on a hill.  To get to it, you will need to take the hay/wagon ride.  Once you arrive and debark from the wagons, you will make your way through the corn maze.  The wagons proceed on to pick up another group.  When the wagons return, you will load up on them and they will take you back to the main farm area.  The field should be absolutely georgeous!  New ground always produces bigger and better!

Here is Mr. Eddie will be planting the field.

Please pray for him.  His heart is not doing so good.  Had a stress test and it showed more blockages forming.  We go to see the cardilogist at the VA the middle of August.

If anyone would like to help us get ready we are offering Season Passes for your generosity.  Just e-mail us at

Posted 4/29/2013 7:27pm by Betty Jean Conner.

We are now taking orders for our pastured pork.

No antibiotics, no hormones, pastured.

Pork Chops - $4.00 lb

Smoked Sausage Links - $4.50 lb

Fresh Bulk Sausage - $4.00 lb




Posted 11/16/2012 8:54pm by Betty Jean Conner.


These young men worked for us the past few years.  They followed Mr. Eddie around the farm working long hours in the hot sun.  He told them "If you follow me around, you might learn something".  

I truly do not know what we would have done without them.  God knew what we needed and He sent these young men to help us.

We will never forget them.  

They wrote this song about Mr. Eddie and their farming/maze days.  We love them and appreciate all the hard work they did.  

They will go far if they remember to put God first in everything they do.

 Love you guys and may God bless you all!


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