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Planting Day

Posted 3/1/2016 3:45pm by Betty Jean Conner.

My Granddaddy and Uncle Addison always had an awesome garden....

When I asked them about it, both of them said they followed the signs of the moon and the farmers almanac.

I wish I had been able to learn more from them before they were gone.  But as a young girl and then a young mother I just took for granted they would be around a lot longer.

 Later in my life I remembered the things I learned from them when it came to our family garden.  So last week according to the farmers almanac, one of the days good to plant ground crops was Saturday, Feb. 27th.  A few days before the 27th, my daughter and oldest granddaughter cut the potatoes (making sure there was at least one eye on each cut piece) and let them harden over before planting.  

Planting day is always fun and Saturday was not exception.  We planted later in the day because two birthday parties were planned here at the farm earlier in the day.

Of course I brought my camera and took a few photos to preserve this memory of our planting day.    Our next day to plant is March 7th and 8th.  On those days it says to plant above the ground crops.  

I thank God He has allowed us to be here for our children and grand children to pass along what we have learned, so that they may pass it to the next generation.