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BONE CHILLING, SPINE-TINGLING, HEART POUNDING ALL OUT FRIGHTNING HAUNTED TRAIL! STARTING AT 7PM BE PREPARED TO BE SCARED IN THE HAUNTED TRAIL THROUGH THE CORN FIELD!!!!!! Have you ever walked down a dark deserted trail and through a dark cornfield in the dead of night and heard the howling of the hungry coyotes, the snorting of wild boar hogs, and the perilous screeching of a panther? Then what are you waiting for? Come test your will to survive the EXTREME HAUNTED TRAIL THROUGH THE CORN FIELD!!!! Please keep your group together - DO NOT wander from the paths OR ELSE!!!!! Not for the weak or faint of heart Not recommended for children under 10 years of age. NO FLASHLIGHTS ALLOWED


Come out and gaze at the night heavens. As the wagon rambles it's way through the woods and pastures, enjoy the soft breezes  and the heavens  alive with the beautiful glowing stars.  Experience one of the most beautiful country nighttime marvels.

If you would like stop at the maze and try your skills navigating the trials in the dark, with only your flashlight.  At the end of the wagon ride stop by our camp fire and enjoy some smores and a cup of hot cocoa.

**Don't forget to bring smore's fixings to enjoy around the campfire**

Regular Admission cost apply. 

Be sure to bring your own flashlight.  Children 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult.